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Jewelry can be an intimidating topic. These luxurious accessories are made of fantastic, rare materials by experienced and talented artists. Goldsmiths, gemologists, and other experts must go through an immense amount of training to become skilled at their craft. As a result, there is a lot of jargon and esoteric information in the world of jewelry. We at Aucoin Hart Jewelers strive to keep our customers informed and excited about these incredible accessories.

How Do I Clean My Jewelry?

Cleaning jewelry is an easy and straightforward process. While chemical cleaners and other agents exist, sometimes it's best to keep things simple. All you will need is warm water, soap, a container, a microfiber cloth, and a soft-bristled toothbrush. Note that the soft brush is essential, as a harsher variety may scratch the piece. First, let the jewelry sit in a warm, soapy solution for a bit. Then, give it a gentle scrub with the brush. Try and get between all the nooks and crannies if possible. After it’s washed, carefully dry it with the microfiber cloth.

It is still essential to take the item to a jewelry store once or twice a year, especially if you wear it often. In addition to the body’s natural oils, humidity, saltwater, and more can build up in areas that will require specific tools and solutions to remove that a professional jeweler will have to complete the job.

What are the Four C’s of Diamonds?

Gemologists grade diamonds based on the “Four C’s.” This phrase refers to the diamond’s cut, clarity, carat, and color. The term “cut,” sometimes called “shape,” refers to the silhouette and number of facets a diamond is given. New cuts are invented all the time. Some are more popular and valuable than others. Clarity refers to the number of inclusions or flaws in a gemstone, some of which can be visible from the outside.

Diamond size is denoted by the carat (not to be confused with karat). Larger gems are generally more valuable. While the ideal diamond is colorless, most actually have a yellow/brown tint. Some have it in spades and are even called yellow diamonds. Note that yellow diamonds are beautiful in their own right, so cherish them if you prefer them. A diamond consultation with our experts will assist you in your search for the diamond of your dreams.

What’s the Difference Between White Gold, Sterling Silver, and Platinum?

These metals may exhibit similar colors, but they each possess characteristics that make them distinct. White gold is sophisticated and gorgeous, achieved by adding other metals like nickel or zinc to yellow gold. However, these items must occasionally be redipped by a jeweler as it will reveal a yellower hue over time.

Sterling silver is attractive and pretty but isn’t as valuable as other precious metals. There are several types of sterling silver, each dependent on the metal used to reinforce the silver; sterling silver pieces can cause allergic reactions in some people, depending on the alloys used. Meanwhile, platinum is among the most valuable and luxurious precious metals due to its strength, natural silver sheen, and the density of this metal that is required for jewelry.

What are the Different Types of Gold?

There are several varieties of gold, but fine jewelry generally makes use of three alloys: rose, white, and yellow gold. This is because pure gold is brittle and delicate, making it difficult to make into lasting jewelry. Plus, many adore these alloy’s fantastic hues. Rose gold has a regal, feminine color due to the addition of copper. White gold is elegant and refined, exhibiting a bright silver color derived from the addition of metals with a silvery hue. Yellow gold sports a classic and timeless aesthetic, its durability reinforced by copper, silver, and zinc.

Regardless of the alloy, higher karats (not to be confused with a diamond carat) denote a higher purity. As such, they tend to be more delicate and easily scratched. They still have a deep and glamorous hue.

Can I Wear My Engagement Ring with My Wedding Band?

Wedding rings are particularly personal accessories. As they are carefully chosen to represent one’s marriage and unique style, there is nothing more special than bridal jewelry. When it comes to wearing these rings, it’s your choice how to wear them. Some like to wear the engagement ring on the right and the wedding band on the left, while some only wear the wedding band after the ceremony. Although, of course, there are others who wear both on the same finger.

If you decide to wear them on the same finger, consider picking pieces that complement each other. For example, nesting wedding bands– which have a curve in the center – are meant to surround and accentuate the engagement ring’s center stone. There is a lot of thought that goes into designing the “bridal stack.” Choose the arrangement and styles that feel right for you.

How Do I Find My Ring Size?

Every finger is unique. The left hand’s ring finger is not only sized differently than the pinky but the right hand’s ring finger as well. As such, it is important to get an accurate ring size. If you manage to slip on a ring that’s too tight, it can cut off circulation and cause terrible discomfort. Rings that are too loose, on the other hand, can fall off easily, so they can be lost easily.

To size your finger properly, you have two options: head to a jeweler or do it at home. If you would prefer to find it yourself, you’ll need a tape measure, a marker, and a finger. Simply wrap the tape measure around your ring finger and dot wear the tape overlaps. Then, correspond it with a ring size chart. If you find the tape uncomfortable, you can use a piece of yarn. Still, a jeweler can give a more accurate sizing.

Find The Answers To Your Jewelry Questions at Aucoin Hart

Aucoin Hart Jewelers is New Orlean’s preeminent source for the finest jewelry and timepieces. Our Metairie jewelry store offers a fabulous selection of engagement rings, fashion accessories, and timepieces. You are sure to discover the best customer service and selection here at Aucoin Hart. We also provide complimentary services like cleaning, polishing, ring sizing, and more. You can even create your own jewelry with help from our talented goldsmiths. Text or call us at (504) 834-9999 to speak to our staff.

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