Diamond Cleaning in New Orleans

Diamond Cleaning in New Orleans

The diamond is a radiant and gorgeous gemstone beloved for many reasons. Legendary for their brilliance, diamonds symbolize luxury with their value and rarity. Their bright beauty and lasting durability ensure their place as the preferred center stone for engagement rings, though they are used in all sorts of fantastic jewelry. Despite these qualities, diamonds are prone to collecting dirt, dust, and grime on their surfaces, like anything else. Since they are often worn everyday, they are exposed to many environmental factors that diminish diamonds’ beauty. We at Aucoin Hart Jewelers would love nothing more than to clean your gemstones.

How Often Should Your Diamond Be Cleaned?

Diamonds can be cleaned at home or professionally. To ensure your engagement ring is always brilliant, you must clean it yourself every other week and bring it to a jeweler twice a year. An at-home scrub is easy. Grab a soft-bristled toothbrush (so as not to scratch any precious metal accidentally), dish soap, and some warm water. Mix the soap and water together, dip the toothbrush in, and gently scrub the jewelry. Though this is a great regular practice to keep your diamonds looking sparkling, a jeweler will be able to clean the piece more thoroughly using advanced techniques and equipment a few times per year.

Benefits of Diamond Cleaning

There are many benefits to diamond cleaning. Your jewelry will continue to be glamorous and radiant no matter how long you wear it. This is particularly important for engagement rings and wedding bands, as they are often worn daily. Another benefit is that it maintains the jewelry’s value. Clean diamonds are attractive and brilliant while dirt and grime can cloud and dim their beauty. As such, they evoke a more luxurious and lustrous aesthetic when clean. Lastly, diamond cleaning also has the benefit of cleaning jewelry. Precious metals are prone to tarnishing and dulling, so they also require routine cleanings to stay as pristine as possible.

Aucoin Hart is New Orleans Trusted Diamond Cleaners

Head to Aucoin Hart Jewelers to experience the best New Orleans has to offer. Our jewelry services are conducted only by the most skilled professionals in the industry. Whether you need diamond cleaning or jewelry repair, our team can help. Want something new? We also offer a vast selection of fantastic jewelry created by the most popular designers in the industry. Interested in something unique? Our goldsmiths and gemologists will help you create your own jewelry. No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at our Metairie jewelry store. Reserve an appointment with us today for a consultation with our staff.

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