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Engagement rings are made of two main elements: metal and gemstones. These rings are made of a variety of precious metals that each evoke its own aesthetic and unique look catered to the wearer's tastes. Some precious metals are well-known and beloved, while some are more rare and obscure. Here are a few of our favorites from our Aucoin Hart Jewelers showroom, and why people love them.


This material is beloved for its bright, elegant sheen and mirrored appearance. White gold accentuates high-quality diamonds and colorful gemstones. There is no white gold found in nature; rather, it's an alloy made from pure yellow gold and zinc, nickel, or copper. Most white gold rings are plated with rhodium to further whiten their appearance. As a result, they must occasionally be redipped by a professional jeweler to keep the white gold from tarnishing.


Yellow gold is symbolic of luxury, wealth, and beauty. For thousands of years, it has been worn by elites from all over the world. From Egyptian pharaohs to celebrities, yellow gold jewelry has always been synonymous with class and style. Yellow gold engagement rings are subsequently glamorous and spectacular. With yellow gold, higher karat alloys have a deeper hue.


This alloy's distinctive pink color is derived from the addition of copper to yellow gold. Unlike other alloys, rose gold doesn't need to be redipped. Associated with fashion-forward femininity, rose gold is an intrinsically spectacular metal adept at drawing the eye. When paired with bright diamonds, rose gold engagement rings evoke the image of queenly royalty. Rose gold is an exceptional choice for brides who want to express themselves and their unique personalities.


The most valuable of all precious metals, platinum has a silvery hue. Its cost comes from its rarity as well as the purity of its composition. Unlike gold and silver, platinum is naturally strong enough to be made into jewelry-ready metal without being reinforced by nickel, zinc, or copper. Platinum is also tarnish-resistant, so it doesn't need to be taken to the jeweler as regularly as other metals might. Note that, while naturally tough, platinum is still vulnerable to scratches.


Some engagement rings opt for combining precious metals to create a unique aesthetic. For example, white and yellow gold wonderfully accentuate each other's enchanting hues. There are plenty of ways designers do this, such as intertwining bands, intricate details, and split shanks. Complex arrangements of regal rose gold and spectacular yellow gold create a peerlessly royal aesthetic.