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Resize Your Ring at Aucoin Hart Jewelers

Sometimes those beautiful rings you want to wear simply do not fit how they should and require resizing in order to be wearable. Maybe someone bought you a ring as a gift, but the band is too loose and slips off your finger. Inherited heirlooms are also great candidates for resizing as your relative may have had a completely different ring size than you. Over time the body changes, causing rings you have worn forever to start not fitting. Our team at Aucoin Hart Jewelers understands and can assist in the process of a ring's resizing with expertise and skill.

What Kind of Rings Can Be Resized

Any ring made from material that a jeweler works with can be resized so long as the goldsmith is skilled enough. Only rings made from unconventional materials like wood, resin, or jade cannot be resized because they cannot be malleable like precious metal rings. Engagement rings or fashion rings crafted in sterling silver, different tones of gold, and platinum or titanium can all be extended or reduced depending on what is needed. Our professional team at Aucoin Hart takes special care with the beautiful rings that come to us to be resized.

Premier Ring Resizing Services in Metairie

Our master jewelers at Aucoin Hart resize rings to the perfect fit in our luxurious and comfortable showroom. We will make sure that you love how your ring feels and will communicate with you throughout the process of resizing your ring. Our team continues to create and maintain gorgeous jewelry for the desires of our customers. At Aucoin Hart Jewelers, we understand how essential rings, like your wedding band, are to you and how jewelry can make you feel confident and loved. Our mission is to always work with you to serve your jewelry needs best.

Visit Aucoin Hart Jewelers in Louisiana

We would be more than happy to resize your precious metal rings in our Aucoin Hart Jewelers showroom, in order to ensure the enjoyment of these pieces for years to come. Whether engagement rings, wedding bands, or fashion rings, our talented jewelers will work with you to see how we can ensure the best and the most comfortable fit for your rings through our resizing services. We can also repair jewelry and create custom designs, among other services, some of which are complimentary for all our customers. Visit our gorgeous Metairie jewelry store for an incredible atmosphere to shop for luxury jewelry and timepieces.