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Sylvie - By a Woman, For a Woman
Sylvie - By a Woman, For a Woman
Sylvie - By a Woman, For a Woman


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Characteristics of Sylvie

Sylvie Collection has been making dreams come true for over 25 years, with elegant, handcrafted styles and 100% ethically sourced stones. The brand’s history begins with one couple’s powerful connection and love story, leading to jewelry that will become a part of any couple’s love story. Their collections start with award-winning designs and go through 150 exacting quality control steps so that every customer is satisfied with their selection. Sylvie Jewelry is made by a woman for a woman and each piece is reminiscent of the original love story that started it all, with unique designs that will fit your own love story.

Popular Sylvie Collections

When you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring, you’ll love the unique collections from Sylvie with award-winning designs and uncompromising quality. The halo engagement ring is a sought-after style, with a ring of diamonds surrounding the eye-catching center diamond and customization options that will allow you to create the ring of your dreams. Whether you choose a vintage inspired halo engagement ring or a classic ring with different sized stones, you’ll fall in love with the way the surrounding diamonds catch the light. The halo engagement rings from Sylvie are a beautiful choice that will remind you of your love story for years to come.

The three stone collection from Sylvie is the perfect way to mark your love, with rings that are adorned with diamonds, both as the centerpiece and all along the band. With multiple designs, you can choose a traditional ring with an emerald cut center diamond or an option with sapphires on the side for a ring that’ll stand out. Fall in love with the sparkling stones and designs that are just as unique as your love story. Plus, when you’re looking for the wedding band of your dreams, you’ll love the choices at Sylvie.

Why Choose Aucoin Hart Jewelers?

When you choose Aucoin Hart Jewelers, you’re choosing beautiful jewelry from a family that’s been serving the Greater New Orleans area for three generations. Hart Jewelers was founded in Metairie, Louisiana in 1927 and has committed to personal service and quality craftsmanship at competitive prices since its opening. Their store includes an extensive selection of fine jewelry with a highly skilled staff, as well as jewelry and watch repair, engraving, and appraisal services. If you’d like to see more of the Sylvie pieces we offer, call us at 504-834-9999, visit, or stop by our Metairie showroom today.