Aucoin Hart offers a variety of engraving options to make your jewelry more personal by inscribing a date or special message on the piece. Both machine and hand engraving are available. 


Why Should You Have Your Jewelry Engraved?

When choosing a gift for a loved one, investing time and effort into selecting the perfect piece will speak to their heart and emphasize the special bond shared. A wonderful way to take a special gift and turn it into something deeply meaningful is by adding a personalized engraving. The process of engraving is quick and easy with a variety of options available. An engraving allows for personalized messages to remain on the surface of the jewelry piece for the recipient to cherish whenever they wear it. Read on to discover some of the most popular engraving options that will elevate your jewelry gift from a mere luxurious memento to a treasured keepsake.

Bridal Jewelry Engraving

Engraving bridal jewelry is a beautiful way to share a private sentiment with your partner that will last a lifetime. Advanced engraving techniques allow craftsmen to add intricate details to the surface of the jewelry. Options can range from simple styles, with just a name or date engraved on the inside of a wedding band, to complex designs, with a personalized message that signifies your love. A line of poetry or a scriptural passage are romantic options to have engraved onto an engagement ring. Infuse more symbolism into wedding bands with matching, sweet inscriptions on the inner bands of both rings.

The Versatility of Jewelry Engraving

While it is popular to engrave bridal jewelry with touching messages of love, anniversary gifts are also a romantic opportunity to carry on the sentiment. A specific date or initials are classic options to inscribe on jewelry pieces. Delicate messages such as “Our first year together” on an anniversary band adds a sweet touch. Bridesmaid gifts are another avenue to take advantage of jewelry engraving. Adding an inside joke or a cute nickname to a bracelet or necklace are popular choices to customize gifts and let bridesmaids know that they are appreciated.

Visit Aucoin Hart Jewelers for Professional Jewelry Engraving Services

At Aucoin Hart, we take pride in helping our customers find the perfect piece of jewelry and our precision engraving services are the ideal way to add a personal touch. Our Metairie jewelry showroom is honored to serve New Orleans, Kenner, and Baton Rouge communities. We can engrave jewelry when you purchase a piece from one of our top jewelry designers or we can inscribe any symbol, image, or personalized message to a piece that you create with our custom design services. Contact us at (504) 834-9999 to schedule an appointment with one of our master craftsmen today.

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