Engagement Ring Setting Guide


Introduction to Engagement Ring Settings  

Engagement ring settings have revolutionized the look of the classic diamond ring. While many think the diamond shape is the first decision to make, it is the setting that first sets each ring apart. The setting determines the overall appearance of the ring, shaping everything from the silhouette to how comfortable it is to wear. Aucoin Hart’s Engagement Ring Setting Guide will help you find the style that best represents your lifelong love.


Solitaire Rings 

Solitaire rings demonstrate that less can be more with the focus put back on the beautiful center stone. Seeing the most proposals of any other setting to date, this single stone ring honors the age-old tradition of the big white wedding. Timeless solitaire rings have evolved through shifts in fashion to incorporate hidden diamond detailing, intricate metalwork, and cathedral settings. Platinum rings have also seen an increase in popularity, likely due to its luminescent finish. Like love, solitaire rings will always be in fashion.


Side Stone Rings  

Side stone rings offer gorgeous design opportunities to incorporate more stones and in return—more sparkle. Luxurious diamonds set along the shank can magnify the brilliance of any diamond cut, from classic round to pear-shaped. Versatility in the settings allow full customization to create the sensational ring made just for you. Band thickness can range from thin, wide-set, or double banded. While commonly set in a single row, side stones can create a unique pattern with various sculpted designs or scalloped edges. Bring glamour to your wedding day with a side stone ring. 


Halo Rings 

Brides have gravitated towards halo rings for their magnificent reflection of light. Encircling the shining center stone, the perfect row or rows of diamonds harmoniously frame the center diamond, making it appear significantly larger. Whether you choose a modest carat size or a large, eye-catching rock, a halo will elongate the diamond. Mosaic or floral halos add an extra layer of one-of-a-kind intricacy, evoking a modern yet feminine style. Halo designs can soften the sharper edges of sleek diamond cuts like the marquis or princess cut, leading to a balanced overall vision. 


Three Stone Rings  

Known as the trilogy ring, three stone rings showcase a large center stone accompanied by two stones flanking each side. This setting symbolizes your journey of love through life, from the past and present to your bright future. As a sentimental ring with an incredibly alluring design, it’s no secret the three stone ring is favored by many. The size and shape of the side stones can dramatically change the appearance of the ring. While smaller stones play an elegant supporting role to the brilliant center stone, uniformly sized stones amplify the shine in unison.

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