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Choosing an engagement ring can be an exciting but stressful process because of the sheer number of styles that are available. Factors such as the center stone size, ring metal, and settings can all impact both the design and the price of the ring. Keeping in mind the elements that contribute to an engagement ring's aesthetic, it's best to have an understanding of the different types of styles before browsing for a design. This guide breaks down the four most popular settings, helping you narrow down what you want your dream piece to be.


Solitaire rings are a sleek, timeless engagement ring style. With no other gemstones or diamonds adorning the band, its minimalist appearance ensures that all focus is on the center stone. Some modern designers give the solitaire setting a twist with hidden diamond detailing, twisting shanks, or delicate metalwork. With a solitaire ring, most of the budget can go towards a larger center stone. Yellow gold, white gold, and platinum metals are popular choices for this style.


Side stone rings have diamonds or gemstone accents on the band that attract the eye to the center stone. Diamond detailing adds more brilliance to the ring, with some designers choosing to have the side stones incorporated into intricate metalwork. Whether the stones are placed into a prong, pavé, or sleek channel setting, their radiance complements the natural beauty of the center stone. Distinct diamond cuts like oval or pear shaped diamonds can create a glamorous and stunning piece.


Halo rings are luxurious showstoppers. The center stone is encased by a ring of small diamonds which gives the illusion of a larger stone. This dazzling display is designed with either colorless diamonds or vibrant gemstones, like rubies or sapphires, to create an alluring contrast. Due to its popularity, designers are constantly crafting new ways to reinvent the setting. The hidden halo is one refreshing twist. Within this design, the collar of diamonds sits below the center stone instead of around it, adding a subtle hint of sparkle when the light hits it.


Three stone rings are highly favored because of their beautifully balanced appearance and the meaning behind each of the stones. The stones are said to represent a couple's past, present, and future together. Invite more meaningful elements into the setting by including your bride-to-be's favorite gemstones to flank the center diamond. You can also mix different stone cuts together for a captivating design. Princess cut and emerald cut stones are modern alternatives to the classic round, while marquise and oval cut diamonds are vintage.