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Jewelry Problems that Require Repair

Though your luxury jewelry is likely forged in high-quality, durable materials, there are some things you just can’t protect your jewelry from. Over time certain pieces can bend, break, warp, and more. When something like this happens, allow a professional jeweler to return your pieces to their original glory with skill and care.

Ring Resizing

Whether a ring was bought for you and was the wrong size or your fingers have grown or shrunk over time, you may need to have a ring resized. The cost and difficulty of a ring resizing depend on the type of metal used, the number of gemstones present in the ring (if any), and the metalwork detail used on the ring. Certain types of metals are challenging to resize because of the incredibly high temperatures required to manipulate them, such as stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten carbide.

Re-Tipping or Replacing Prongs

Prongs are essential elements of luxury ring jewelry that hold gems in place while allowing the maximum amount of surface area to be visible. To do this, prongs must be small and thin. For this reason, they are not uncommonly subject to breaking or warping. Re-tipping a prong consists of only replacing the tip of the prong rather than rebuilding the entire prong.

Replace a Stone

Loose or broken prongs can, unfortunately, lead to a lost stone. On the other hand, certain gemstones may simply fade in color over time or incur damage like scuffs and scratches. Replacing a stone requires selecting a new stone and having a skilled, trusted jeweler secure the stone into the ring, manipulating the prongs or other types of setting to ensure the stone remains secure for years to come.

Replacing Chains or Clasps

Chain links and clasps can be remarkably delicate, subject to breaking under severe pressure or temperatures. Experienced jewelers can aptly replace your broken clasps or chain links. They may even repair them. Your jeweler’s ability to restore a jewelry clasp largely depends on the material it is forged in and its complexity. It may be simpler to have your jeweler just replace the clasp with a different type that is easier to repair in case something similar happens in the future.

Changing Earring Posts

The term “post,” as it pertains to earrings, refers to the thin bar of metal that goes through your ear piercing and attaches the piece to your ear. There are many reasons one might want to change the posts on their earrings. Perhaps the posts are broken, or they irritate your ears. You might also want to upgrade to a more secure post type. Changing earring posts, depending on the type of earrings you have, is a relatively simple repair.

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