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Aucoin Hart Jewelers Wins Prestigious AGTA Design Award

September 12th, 2020

Aucoin Hart Jewelers Wins Prestigious AGTA Design Award

New Orleans, LA, September, 2019, Aucoin Hart Jewelers has been awarded two prestigious 2019 Spectrum Design Awards from the American Gem Trade Association. Aucoin Hart’s design won first place for “Best Men’s Design” and another first-place award for “Best Design / Use of Color” for their winning 18 karat white and yellow gold butterfly cufflinks. These breathtaking cufflinks contain 1,076 gemstones featuring 3.09 carats of natural sapphires, 2.36 carats of diamonds and 1.37 carats of tsavorite garnets. Donna Marie Aucoin collaborated with master jeweler extraordinaire, David White to bring these cufflinks to reality as a way to commemorate one of the most significant events of her and her husband’s life that late afternoon in May of 2017.

“The butterfly design inspiration started from observing a beautiful butterfly in our garden. It was one year prior to that day, that we had lost our precious son Ryan to lymphoma. As my husband and I were in a consoling embrace in our backyard garden both thinking so deeply about Ryan, this magnificent butterfly fluttered all around us, almost dancing with us, determined to get our attention then landing on a magnolia tree, its bright beautiful wings standing out against the dark green leaves. The butterfly would stay through the night and well into the next day, staying with us, comforting us with so much peace and love from our Ryan. The ATGA winning design was inspired by that Butterfly of Peace in our garden,” Donna Marie explained.

Donna Marie’s conceptual butterfly design, featuring painting with gemstones was handed off to Aucoin Hart’s master jeweler extraordinaire David White who worked tirelessly over an 18-month period perfecting the design then hand-crafting these gem filled cufflinks, bringing them to life. This one-of-a-kind, jewelry art was to be created and given as a gift to her husband Tommy as a remembrance of the butterfly of peace and that Ryan will always be with us watching over his family. This design odyssey culminated in a spectacular pair of butterfly cufflinks which ultimately won highest honors from the most prestigious American Gem Trade Association Spectrum awards. Donna Marie shared,” Everyday, we feel the ‘Wings of Love’ from Ryan surrounding our family and providing peace.”