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How to Match Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

September 20th, 2022

Match Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Engagement rings and wedding bands symbolize love and romance, but they’re also luxurious accessories meant to be worn daily. Thus, it is important to ensure that they look fantastic. If you plan on wearing them both at the same time, it is just as essential to make sure they look fantastic together. Finding pieces that complement each other is easy. All it takes is a little forethought and a quick read of this guide.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Picking Metal

For the most part, people choose the same metal for the band and ring. If you get a rose gold band, get a rose gold ring. This ensures a cohesive color that carries to both pieces, whether you wear them on the same hand or not.

However, you may also consider wearing pieces with complementary colors. A white gold band can bring out the rich color of a yellow gold engagement ring, accentuating the center stone’s bright light. If you choose to wear different color rings, opt for white gold and another color so as not to overpower the aesthetic.

Unique Style Wedding Ring Set

Style Sensibilities

Consider your unique style. Are you more of an understated enthusiast or a maximalist lover? Do you fawn for floral or search for simplicity? What’s important is to make your preferred aesthetic stand out. For a floral look, you’ll want the engagement ring to be the bridal stack’s focal point. There are plenty of ways that designers let engagement rings evoke a distinct floral look, be it through intricate metal work or dazzling diamond arrangements.

The wedding band should have a dynamic but minimalist silhouette. It should have a nature-inspired design that doesn’t overshadow the engagement ring. The band fills out the stack’s aesthetic while providing a more cohesive floral look, creating a superb and attention-grabbing combination.

Correct Ring Size

Establish Size

The size of the ring is important. Not only is it crucial to get the correct ring size, but the bands’ width is essential to match as well. If the wedding band is slender, so too must be the engagement ring. If you have a thick band and a thin engagement ring, it’ll be hard to notice the latter with such a spectacular former.

Complete Ring Set

Complete Set

If you’re looking for two pieces that pair perfectly, why not buy a set? Many designers offer “complete sets,” which contain both the engagement ring and the wedding band that were designed with complementary features. Some even have center stones included. There are plenty of sets available made by several brands, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Discover Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings at Aucoin Hart

Discover Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings at Aucoin Hart

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