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Pro Tips on Getting Your Girlfriend's Ring Size

October 10th, 2020

Pro Tips on Getting Your Girlfriend's Ring Size

Finding the perfect ring size for your girlfriend's engagement ring makes the surprise proposal that much better when the ring slips into place on her finger flawlessly. While a tight or loose fit may be inevitable if you guess, it's up to you to do some preliminary research and make your odds of an ideal, comfortable fit the highest possible.

Below, you'll find a list of our favorite tips and tricks to help you keep the element of surprise alive for your proposal moment.

Borrow A Ring

One of the best ways to find out her ring size without her knowing is to borrow one of her least used rings. If you choose one she wears often, she may start to get suspicious. Ideally, choose a ring from a finger with a similar size. It should be a ring from her left ring finger.

Pro Tip: If your girlfriend checks her jewelry daily or has a limited selection, avoid taking the ring. She'll notice one missing and may turn to the prime suspect: you.

Trace A Ring

If borrowing a ring is out of the question, you can trace a ring she wears regularly with a pen or pencil onto a piece of paper. Remember to trace the inside and outside of the ring as it lays flat on the paper. Tracing the ring gives you an accurate representation of its thickness without the risk of losing or damaging it. It�s also something you can do quickly, when your intended takes the ring off, even briefly, such as to go to the gym or to swim.

Pro Tip: When drawing a circle of the ring, do it several times to create a clear and consistent representation of the ring.

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Plan Ahead

If you don't have any fashion rings to work with or aren't sure which ones she wears on her ring finger, find subtle and creative ways to get the measurements. For instance, visit a thrift store and ask her to try a ring that she likes. Pay attention to which one fits her ring finger and note the size, which is often listed on a tag.

Pro Tip: if she chooses a ring that's not her ring finger, choose several rings for her to try. If one fits and does not have a size, purchase it for future reference. Shopping second-hand gives you a low-risk way to get the size.

Ask Friends and Family

Her friends or family may have a better idea of her ring size or they can subtly ask for it, which may be easier said than done. Friends can inspire the idea to go engagement ring shopping �for kicks.� If you can pull this off, you'll have a professionally sized ring ready for your proposal.

Pro Tip: If you have plenty of friends to choose from, go with the one you trust most to keep this secret. Don�t start with anyone you�re afraid might spoil the moment.

Have Her Try It On

Friends can also use their own rings or one you provided to get a size. If her friend is engaged, ask her to let your girlfriend try the ring since it�ll produce a more accurate size of the ring finger. You can also use a fashion ring, just make sure to ask her friend to put it on the ring finger.

Pro Tip: When trying on the engagement ring, ask her friend to inquire about designs and styles of shanks, settings, and stones.

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Just Ask or Size Up

If all else fails, just ask. If you reach this stage in your relationship where you've discussed marriage, it's okay to ask outright. Asking for the ring size saves you time, headaches, and money. Sure, you won't get a complete surprise, but you'll still be committing yourself to the love of your life. Plus, she can have fun anticipating the moment and you can still provide spontaneous, unexpected elements like her favorite song cued up, a photographer on hand, or other special details.

If you don't want to ask, just try to estimate to be the closest size up or choose an average size. Choosing a size up allows for easier resizing if it doesn't fit her perfectly.

Pro Tip: If you're going with the custom design, you want an accurate measurement of your partner�s ring size. Since custom designs are non-returnable, you only get one shot. Let your partner be a part of the creation process. Especially if she is the artistic, creative type, she'll thank you for it.

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