Ring Type Guide (Engagement vs Wedding vs Fashion)

Engagement Rings vs Wedding Bands vs Fashion Rings

There are many types of rings, but they can primarily be divided into three categories: wedding bands, fashion rings, and engagement rings. Each is worn at different times and for different purposes. Engagement rings and wedding bands are bridal jewelry, while fashion rings warrant their own category and are typically worn as fashion accessories rather than symbolic pieces. Find exquisite designer engagement, wedding, and fashion rings at Aucoin Hart Jewelers.

Characteristics of Engagement Rings

According to tradition, engagement rings are given and worn before the wedding. Engagement rings sport a large center stone, usually a diamond, atop a myriad of ring settings, including halos, side stones, and more. Engagement rings are typically made of gold or platinum in order to ensure the piece lasts a lifetime. Sterling silver is slightly less durable, but a great option for those with a tighter budget. These most romantic rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger, the one right next to the pinky, on the left hand.

Characteristics of Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are meant to be worn after the wedding and are typically exchanged during the ceremony. Some men like to also wear these in place of an engagement ring. They are meant to be worn daily and traditionally have a minimalist design. Unlike the engagement ring, these don’t have a center stone. Fashion jewelry designers up the ante with styles like eternity rings and pavé settings, adding an array of radiant diamonds to the band. Others may opt for unusual finishes like hammering for a unique but understated look.

Characteristics of Fashion Rings

Unlike the other two, fashion rings are worn regardless of marital status. These come in a limitless amount of materials and styles to appeal to a variety of aesthetic preferences. Platinum, titanium, gold, and more are used to create beautiful pieces. Some are inlaid with gemstones like opals and turquoise for an elevated brilliance. For a complete look, they can be combined with many other rings, including bridal jewelry. This practice is known as “stacking” and is a great way to utilize an expansive ring collection.

Find Engagement Rings, Fashion Rings, and Engagement Rings at Aucoin Hart Jewelers

Aucoin Hart Jewelers is the community of Metairie’s source for luxury. Our selection of collections from renowned bridal and fashion jewelry designers is unparalleled in its ability to keep you and your family fashionable. To ensure these pieces last a lifetime, we also offer complementary services like repair and cleaning. Call us at (504) 834-9999 to learn more about our Louisiana jewelry store, our selection, our services, and more.

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