Watch Terms to Know

Introduction to Watch Terms

We live in a society that is largely time-managed, and an accurate timepiece is a crucial tool for effective time-budgeting. Designer watches have seen many developments and complications throughout history, but few have seen so many revisions and evolutions as watch movements. A watch’s movement, (also called its “caliber”) is the inner system responsible for keeping accurate time. Movements are either entirely mechanical in nature, as with automatic or hand-wound movements, or powered by a battery, as is the case with quartz movements. While a watch’s movement is the most necessary component, it is far from the only part of a modern timepiece.

Popular Watch Terms to Know

The watch case is the outer body that protects the inner workings of the watch. Often, the back of the casing is removable to allow access to the movement. The crown is a small knob positioned either atop or aside the case. Twisting the crown adjusts the time or, if your watch is manual, keeps the timepiece wound. The dial (or face) consists of the hands and numerals, which display the time. The crystal (secured to the case by a metal or ceramic bezel) is the clear surface that protects the front of the watch and can be made of glass, acrylic, or synthetic sapphire.  

A watch, however, is often more than the sum of its most basic pieces, and many manufacturers include complications. A complication is an additional feature or function of the watch that serves to expand its use beyond simple timekeeping. Among the most popular is the chronograph or stopwatch function, a highly desirable complication to track time. To activate the stopwatch, simply use the toggles on the side of the case. Other complications can include rotating bezels that contain additional scales of time (these are often included on diving watches,) calendars, moon phase indicators, and many more options.

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