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Diamonds are the hardest known natural material on the Mohs hardness scale, but are not the toughest material. Diamonds are remarkably durable, highly resistant to scratching and maintain their brilliance extremely well. These qualities make diamond jewelry well-suited for regular wear, but even diamonds are not indestructible. Diamonds tend to pick up grease and oils and can become dirty with everyday handling. The below hints will help you maintain your diamond jewelry between professional cleaning.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Avoid exposure to salt water, detergents and harsh chemicals like bleach while wearing your diamond jewelry.
  • Perspiration, lotion, hairspray, perfumes, cosmetics and soap can adhere to diamonds and make them appear dull.
  • Clean your diamond jewelry in a mild solution like the Aucoin Hart liquid jewelry cleaner before and after use. As an alternative, you can clean diamonds using a mild solution of six parts water and one part ammonia. Apply the solution with a cloth or soft bristle brush.