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Diamond Shapes

Diamond Shapes

Introduction to Diamond Shapes

While the possibilities are endless for customizing an engagement ring, it is the cut of the diamond that distinguishes its beauty. As the focal point of the ring, diamond cuts separate the timeless classics from the innovative contemporaries. Find the ring that is the perfect symbol for your love with help from our expert diamond shape guide.

Round Cut Diamonds

Most brides look first to the enduringly popular round brilliant cut, accounting for a majority of the diamond engagement rings sold each year. True to its name, this gorgeous diamond cut catches the light more brilliantly than any other diamond shape thanks to its 58 facets. Round diamonds fit into a majority of settings as effortlessly as you fell in love and boast an immense selection as the most popular cut. Classic round cut rings make for the epitome of the glowing bride.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Since its inception in the 1960s, the distinctive square shape of the princess cut diamond has held a close second to the round brilliant in stealing brides’ hearts. The sharp edges portray a sleek glamour that distinguishes itself from other diamond shapes. Popular in both a halo or three stone setting, many brides are immediately attracted to princess cut rings for their seamless combination of femininity and valiance. Sparkling princess cut diamonds are undeniably stunning.

Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval cut diamonds offer a vintage charm, gaining popularity in recent years because of their stunning curves and archetypal elongated shape. These breathtaking diamonds have optimal brilliance attributed to an incredibly large surface area, catching even the dimmest light. Halos or side stones amplify the shine of these iconic rings for those who want an extra sparkle. However, set in an elegant solitaire, the oval cut demonstrates that this diamond shape is radiant on its own.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

While emerald cut diamonds are elongated similar to the oval cut, they are set apart by their step cut facets which maximize the diamond’s unrivaled clarity. Among the most unique diamonds available, emerald cuts parallel facet positioning creates a hall of mirrors effect with a dazzling display of light. The polished lines of the solitaire setting offer an immaculately ravishing look, while baguette diamonds can embolden the ring. Emerald cut rings marry luxe sophistication with architectural refinement.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds bring together the best of all these cuts, with one soft, rounded end and another sharply pointed. The stark contrast from one dazzling end of the diamond to the other makes for a one-of-a-kind look that is both softly feminine and brazenly vivid. The graceful curves balance both aspects of this captivating ring style. Unconventional brides have many options for individuality with a pear shaped diamond, from the way it's shaped—-either full-bodied or slim and slender—to the way it’s set on the shank with the tip pointing up or down, which is a purely stylistic choice. Beautiful in any setting, pear shaped diamonds continue to soar in popularity due to their dynamic distinctions.