Carat is the standard unit of weight used when weighing diamonds. One carat is equal to 0.20 grams. As a diamond carat weight increases, so will its value.


A diamond’s total cost is determined by its per carat price (For example, 1.07 carats x $4,500 per carat = = $4,815 total cost). Per carat prices are grouped according to weight ranges. These include 1.00-1.49ct, 1.50-1.99ct, 2.00-2.99ct, 3.00-3.99ct, etc. Per carat prices increase significantly from one size range to the next. A diamond that weighs just under the next size range can cost substantially less while looking nearly identical in size.


To hold a certain weight range and maximize a diamond’s per carat price, a diamond cutter will sometimes “hide weight” by fashioning an extra thick girdle or by cutting a diamond deeper than it should be. These diamonds will look smaller than a diamond of identical weight that is well proportioned. Therefore, when considering a diamond’s carat weight, a diamond buyer should also consider its millimeter size to be sure the diamond "looks its size."

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